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After the city tour in Windhoek we drive through the winding, scenic extremely attractive Khomas highlands via Wilhelmstal to the picturesque town of Omaruru. Via a stopover in the Erongo Mountains with visits to the "Paula's Cavern" and the gigantic rock formations we reach, via Uis, with 2574 m the highest mountain in Namibia, the Brandberg. This rock massive takes its name from the fact that the post-Karoo granite rocks depending on the light, especially in the morning and evening hours, glow reddish-orange, similar to the Ayers Rock in Australia. With a game drive or hike-you can experience the peace and charm of the Brandberg and the rare and peaceful desert elephant in the wild. The next day is all about millennia-old petroglyphs. The Brandberg was once a mountain refuge for the Bushmen, who have immortalized themselves there with over 48 000 drawings, the most famous is the so-called "White Lady". In the early morning light that shows Brandberg in all its beauty, you visit, with a guide on a two hour hike, the rock drawings - including cutesy dassies and Agamas. After a short ride, on a guided hike you get to know the 6000 years old rock paintings of the world cultural heritage of Twyfelfontein, the "petrified forest" and the so-called "organ pipes" in Damaraland. At a lodge you can sit in peace and soak in the impressions of this eventful day.

From there you will discover in the following days, the nearly pristine western part of Etosha National Park On various game drives we will be exploring this part of the park in search of the "Big Five"!! So far only a few people gained permission to drive through the western part, as in this area, the park's flora and fauna is to be left as original as possible.

After visiting a traditional Himba village you reach via the Grootberg pass, Palmwag the Joubert Pass, Sesfontein and Opuwo in the Kaokoveld the breath taking Epupa Falls on the Kunene. The drive through the mountains, past the steep edges of the Omavanda Mountains, the view of the zebra mountain, who bear their name rightly and the many baobabs who form a beautiful road skirting make this an unforgettable experience. Under Makalani palm trees, right on the Kunene River - the natural border with Angola - enjoys a sun downer, admire the vast landscape, sometimes up to eight-meter-long crocodile and hear the roar of the Epupa Falls.

Der Wächter - wir passen auf sie auf, während Sie in Afrika reisen

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