(in Otjiherero: “The guardian”) made its goal to plan and arrange safe, competent and informative trips and safaris and provide to its guests primarily .

The safety and satisfaction of our guests is an absolute affair of the heart for us and has first priority. We attach great importance that every trip is absolutely individual custom-tailored and realized to our guests wishes. Therefore every Trip is absolutely unique!!!

Furthermore our trips are designed to balance adventure, information and recovery in an expedient and reasonable way. This is of utmost importance particularly on self-driving-trips. Your vacation should stand in a clear contrast to your daily routine but anyway let you see and experience as much of Africa as possible, based on an African proverb: “Europe has got the Clock, Africa has got the Time”!

Broaden your mind, explore and experience the fascinating diversity of this continent with us from Angola to Sambia.

Let yourself get amazed by the magical world of Southern Africa – the heartiness and the lust for life of the people, the diversity of Flora and Fauna, the most varied ethnics and there cultural life. Furthermore awaits you a varying geology, star observation, depending on the season, different play of colours in the nature, historical significant places and a hint of adventure.

We are pleased to arrange your individual journey, aside the general Africa-tourism, which will be an outstanding Adventure that you will keep positively in mind for a long time.

“The pleasures of live and nature never have to be sought, but can be seen with open eyes and a wide heart, where they are present”!

Der Wächter - wir passen auf sie auf, während Sie in Afrika reisen

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