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You explore driving via Outapi and Oshakati the mysteries and peculiarities of the Ovahimba country and go through various so-called Oshanas. These are depressions, filled with water, coming from the highlands of Angola in the rainy season, and are from time to time, natural wetlands. Along the border with Angola, drive via Ondangwa and Okongo to Rundu. Soon you will meet the Cubango, called on the Namibian side the Kavango. Directly on the Kavango you spend a night with a view of life on the Angolan bank and a gorgeous sunset on or at the river.

Along the Kavango you reach Bagani, the "gateway" into the Caprivi Strip. There you will visit the third waterfalls of your tour - the Popa Falls in the Okavango, as the Kavango is called here. These waterfalls are rather rapids of a large scale. On a hike along the Okavango, experience nonetheless, according to the light, a special interplay of light and water, the magic of nature in the rapids. They are located near the relatively small but very rich in species Mahangu Game Park. The park, you can explore on your own and there you could discover the "Big Five", as hippos and buffaloes often draw from the Mamili Park to this park.

From Bagani you will be crossing the Caprivi Strip via Trans-Caprivi Highway to Katima Mulilo and stay in a lodge on the Zambezi, including a stunning sun downer cruise on the Zambezi. This area is already part of Bwabwata National Park. The Caprivi is a about 450 km long and 100 km wide strip of land bounded by the four rivers, the Chobe, Linyanti, Kwando and Zambezi. The Kwando River divides the western and eastern Caprivi from each other and with water flooding fills the waterways of the Linyianti and the Chobe. The Caprivi, with its myriad Rivieren, river beds, flood plains form a unique network of waterways and wetlands, so that it is in normal rainfall years, the only area in Namibia, where there is plenty of water and animals throughout the year. Along the well-paved road, stop to admire the culture of Caprivians their Kraals and their hospitality.

A special kind of experience awaits you, the border crossing into Zambia at Sesheke. Patience and kindness are required. For this you will experience on your trip to Livingstone a completely different and more intense Africa than you are accustomed to from Namibia.

Der Wächter - wir passen auf sie auf, während Sie in Afrika reisen

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