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After arrival in Windhoek we reach via Omaruru and the Elephant Mountain and lonely "pads" the numerous branches of the mesas of the Ugab terraces and the Vingerklip. The Vingerklip is about 35 m high rock pinnacle, which is an erosion relic of Ugab terraces. It stands on a rock base with approximately 44 meters in circumference. The main terrace of the Ugab terraces is now almost 160 m above the river bed of the Ugab. Both the Vingerklip and the Ugab terraces have a very young geological age, as they arose only during the Tertiary and Quaternary. You stay on the grounds of the Vingerklip in a fantastic lodge, and you can still enjoy this amazing landscape in the late evening and early morning hours.

Near Khorixas you visit the so-called "Petrified Forest" and the "organ pipes". These are about 120 million old vertical basalt columns from 2 to 5 m height. The Petrified Forest declared a natural monument consists of about a dozen trees that have fallen to pieces. Nevertheless, seeing these plant fossils from phenomenal, especially when one considers that these strains were buried 280 million years ago under mud and boulders and even erosion and disruption they brought to the surface. After a stop at Palmwag you stay above the Grootberg pas with a wonderful view over the Damaraland.

After visiting a traditional Himba village we reach via Sesfontein, the Joubert Pass and Opuwo in the Kaokoveld the magnificent Epupa Falls on the Kunene. The drive through the mountains, past the steep edges of the Omavanda Mountains, the view of the zebra mountain, who bear their name rightly and the many baobabs who form a beautiful road skirting make this an unforgettable experience. Under Makalani palm trees, right on the Kunene River - the natural border with Angola - enjoys a sun downer, admire the vast landscape, sometimes up to eight-meter-long crocodile and hear the roar of the Epupa Falls.

On the way to the Ruacana falls of the Kunene River is the historic Swaartbooisdrift. Here in 1928 the Dorsland trekkers crossed on their way back from Angola to Namibia, the raging waters of the Kunene River. A cemetery and a memorial were erected to remember them. In Ruacana the Kunene River forms the spectacular Ruacana cases. Depending on water levels of the Kunene overflows the cases up to 123 m deep about 700 m wide in a gorge.


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